Looking for that outstanding beauty as your centrepiece for your upcoming wedding? Well, there is this new trend that will certainly give you a breathtaking view above your guests’ table. Furthermore, it’s right within your budget! You don’t need to spend all of your cold hard cash just for flower decorations that cost an arm and a leg. Wedding floral arrangements don’t have to be expensive in order to look good.

With all the things you need to spend on for your wedding, it is quite practical to decorate within your budget. But doing so does not necessarily mean that your wedding reception should be less beautiful. There are numerous ways to beautify an area and one of which is by utilizing affordable blossoms and arrange them in an artistic way.


Hanging flower centrepieces are absolutely a sight to behold. They add an “ethereal” feel to any occasion. If you want your wedding to be an unforgettable moment, suspended blossoms will do the trick. Flowers will look great in everything. It is a matter of perception and creativity that will bring out their natural artistry.

Add spice to that boring table through dangling blossoms. If you really want to save on your big day, you can refer to these bewitching flower decorations for inspiration.

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Vibrant Garden roses and Ranunculus look enchanted in this simple hanging flower arrangement. To fit your budget, you can give a suggestion to your florist to buy them on a wholesale basis.

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Ribbons and clustered flowers look great together, especially if suspended in the air.

Carnations in pastel colours will add sweetness to your wedding reception.

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A cute hanging flower chandelier is very much easy to make. Snapdragons and Bells of Ireland are the perfect choices for this type of decoration. A ring of 10 inches embroidery hoop for a crown will do the trick.

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Who said you can’t recycle for your wedding centrepiece? If you have glass bottles, you can just clean them up and transform them into dangling little vases. All you have to do is add some small bunch of flowers to complete the wedding look.

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Any drooping flower will be perfect for this type of chandelier design. You may also add leaves or some type of greenery at its crown to highlight the beauty of the blossoms.

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Chrysanthemums and Eustomas are quite compatible in this hanging arrangement. Choose clear bottles for vases in order to maintain the natural look of the flowers.

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No drooping flowers available? You may also turn your flower stems upside down to get that chandelier view.

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Whatever your theme is for your wedding, contrasting flower colours will still look great in this simple design. You’ll absolutely enjoy adding different varieties of flowers in this suspended hanging arrangement.

Explore your imagination and be spontaneous on choosing your wedding decorations. After all, it is your wedding and it is entirely up to you on how you want things to go. Don’t think about others’ opinions and focus on what you want. This is your special moment. Do what your heart desires.

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